We know that God is preparing us for something big and we are always expecting more from Him. We had originally planned to move abroad but we felt that our green pastures were still here in the Philippines so we decided that it was not yet the right time for our family to move.

My husband has been offered a promotion three times since we began attending New Life, but he has declined each time due to the fact that these promotions would require him to report to the office on Saturdays and Sundays. This was not a good arrangement for us as a couple because Saturday is the day we meet with our life group as well as attend other church activities and Sunday is the day that we serve and receive from the Lord. But God's timing is always amazing and perfect. Two months ago my husband's boss again offered him a promotion, but this time he accepted. He was so favored, he received additional allowance, night differential, and he was not required to report to the office on Saturdays and Sundays.

But there's more: A few years ago, God gave us our own house by way of a loan. We have really experienced the amazing work of God in this area of our lives as already we have almost completely paid off our loan. Now we are able to purchase our own car. We really thank God for blessing our family far above what we ever imagined!