On September 8, 2011 I woke up early in the morning declaring that this will be a great day and I will receive the blessings that I have prayed for. I declared to myself that I am who the Word of God says I am and I can do what it says I can do. I declared that I am a son of God, marked by his favor and His love. Then I got up and got ready to face my challenge that day"¦my visa interview.

When I got to the US Embassy I felt very nervous and excited. At the first counter I was given a number and then at the second counter my fingerprints were taken. The lady at the fingerprinting station seemed frustrated with me because I did not understand her instructions, which added to my nervousness. "God is my stronghold," I told myself. I then proceeded to the third and final station, which was where I would be interviewed. There were five windows at this station and as I waited for my number to be called I observed what was happening to the applicants at each window. I heard a loud voice coming from window number two - the woman who was interviewing was asking a lot of questions and then she suddenly denied the applicant. My nerves crept up on me again. As I observed the interviewers at the other windows I decided that I wanted to be called to window number three or four. I watched as to my horror, window number two displayed my number! I stood up and walked straight to the window claiming, "If God is in me why should I be nervous! He never leaves me nor forsakes me." I prayed, "Lord, let your will be done."

When I got to the window and saw the woman, I can say honestly that it was not her face that I saw, but it was the face of Jesus. I saw Him, looking at her screen and typing on her keyboard and this gave me confidence! An awesome smile appeared on my face. The woman asked me only five questions and I was able to answer all of them. As I walked away successful all I could say was, WOW! I wanted to jump up and down right there inside the Embassy but of course I waited until I reached the restroom!

When I reported to my agency later on that day I learnt that many of my fellow applicants had not passed their interviews. The manager of my agency called me in right away and asked me how I was able to do it. She was surprised that I had passed, as she knew that I had problems with my employment record. I had no previous employment certificate but I know that I was favored, as the console did not ask me anything about it. As I walked back out into the office everyone was so happy for me. They thought that I was so "lucky" because they did not believe that I would pass the interview. But I know that it wasn't because of me, but it was because of my Father in heaven. Jesus is the one that interviewed me. He revealed himself to me in the face of a woman and said you are highly favored my son, you are so precious to me.