A blessed day to all my brothers and sisters! I'm am 53 years old and I have been looking for a good church to go to every Sunday. A friend of mine told me to try New Life The Fort in Market! Market! Mall at the 5th floor. I really enjoyed the service so much and was so blessed to hear Pastor Jocel speak that Sunday. I've been going to New Life The Fort now for 3 months and I feel that something is missing whenever I'm not able to go. Ever since I received Jesus Christ as my savior I've been getting a constant supply of spiritual food and support from this church.

Last July 1, my UTI started acting up and I could barely sleep at night because of the extreme pain. I still made it a point though to attend church that Sunday, and it was a good thing because Pastor Mylene was led by the Spirit to pray for the sick. She asked anyone who had any infirmity to raise their hand and so I did. A few sisters laid hands on me and Pastora spoke out a prayer of healing. I was so overjoyed to discover that I was healed and all the pain disappeared. Hallelujah!