"Jesus looked at them intently and said, "Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible." "“ Matthew 19:26 (NLT)

True enough the Word of God is powerful. Whenever I'm in a situation where impossibilities arise, I always hold on to what God has promised and declare His Word. Last October, my team went through some challenges in meeting the target for CSAT (Customer Service Satisfaction). We started at the lowest ranking in our cluster with a score of 49 (the target is 69). During the first week of the month my daughter was diagnosed with Bronchopneumonia and was confined for two weeks so I had to take emergency leave (praise God, she's now healed). I was a little worried because I would not be at work to assist my team or monitor their statistics. After that I got sick and had to take sick leave for three days. When I came back to work, my team's statistics had gotten worse. Due to BlackBerry issues in the UK, management removed CSAT returns from October 10-16, which made our pass rate lower (only four of my agents passed). What made it even more challenging for my team was that I needed to go on leave again for five days "“ this time for the New Life Pastors Conference which I had registered for previously. On my last day at work, I gathered my team together for prayer and invited Jesus into our situation. I was bold in declaring the finished work of Jesus over our situation and that our low scores were only temporary! I declared that God would have His way with our team!

While attending the Pastors Conference I was so blessed with Sister Shoddy Chase's message, which was about Jesus changing water to wine. In John 2:2 Jesus was invited to a wedding and at that wedding He performed a miracle. Sister Shoddy said, "When Jesus is invited into your situation, a miracle will happen."

True enough, our God is a supernatural God! I don't know how it happened but at the end of the month our CSAT score was 72 and our pass rate increased to 10 agents! Only three agents did not pass. The unbelievable thing is that we received positive scores with negative comments (total of 61 returns). That rarely happens. Humanly speaking "“ it is impossible to have positive scores with negative comments! And guess what? We were the top team in CSAT at our site. Out of 33 teams we were the only team who passed "“ which qualified us for P5000 team incentives! Woohoo!! Plus, one of my agents got promoted!

To quote from Pastor Joseph Prince, "Every trial you face is an opportunity for you to see Jesus and His grace in a new way." Pastora Mylene said, "Whatever dark situation you may be in, four minutes lang yan!" Stop looking at your outward position or you outward circumstances and start looking at Jesus! Because He is with you, you can expect success in everything you do! We must be bold in declaring the Word of God and in applying it to our lives. God is so amazing and I give all the glory back to Him!!