I am a 32 year old IT professional working in Makati.  I have been in this profession since I was 21 years old, and all-in-all I am confident with my abilities in this field. In short, I am a computer geek.

I accepted an offer to become a manager for a mid-sized company back in January (with a 6-digit gross salary), and with that new job I was looking forward to a great future with this company. But to my dismay this was not the case. I was placed in a project that was considered a "hell project."  It was a very difficult time for me working long days and nights including weekends. To add to that, we had a very difficult client, and my bosses were all over me day in and day out. In spite of all the seemingly insurmountable challenges, we were able to deliver the product come June.

June came, and last week, I was up for evaluation.  I thought that with all our hard work, I would breeze through my evaluation.  But no, my superior told me that she could not make me a regular. Because of the problems that was faced by the project, even if my team prevailed, I became the scapegoat. Anyway, when my boss delivered this message to me, she was looking for a negative reaction from me. I took a moment, thought of all the other times when God didn't leave me during more dire circumstances, and said "Ok lang ma'am." I went to my seat glassy-eyed. I just decided to work and/or fix my things, basically not knowing what would happen next.

What happened next though I considered impossible. I mean, you cannot get a job offer 1 minute after your manager tells you that you have to leave, right?  Because that's what happened to me.  An acquaintance of mine in the IT industry messaged me - "Hi, we are signing up with a client that will make it possible for us to make a suitable job offer to you."  I asked him to define "suitable" and he put it simply like this: Whatever my gross salary now, would be my net salary with them, plus plus. So, the next day I had the offer in my hand and decided to sign with them by last Friday. God took care of me, in light-speed velocity.

God's generosity is endless.  His help is signed, sealed and delivered in His own time :-)

Thank you for inspiring all of us week after week. God bless.