I’ve been in the call center industry for five years and like most people, I have a desire to grow in my career. I kept applying for a higher post but was never given the opportunity. After spending three and a half years in my previous company, I transferred to another one believing that it was Gods leading. I prayed hard about the decision and eventually decided to take the job since I would be working on a pioneering account and be part of the first batch of employees.

At my new workplace I kept waiting for a “Team Leader” opening, which was the position I really wanted. I applied many times but was never successful. I kept praying for it but it seemed like God was silent and not answering my request. I felt hopeless to the point that whenever I applied I already knew that someone else was going to get the position. I kept hearing this voice in my head telling me that I wasn’t good enough or that there were other employees who deserved to get promoted before me.

One Sunday, I heard a woman give her testimony about how God had healed her of severe back pain. She said, “If it matters to you, it matters to God.” That statement struck my heart and so that night I cried out to God and asked Him why I wasn’t experiencing His favor in my life. Despite the way I was feeling I continued to trust Him and just believe.

One Sunday, my friend and I had a conversation about how down we were at the workplace. Problems continued to arise and although we were both Christians, at times, we felt like we were not special. Later on, we went to church and after the praise and worship, Pastor Jocel asked all of the call center workers to stand so that he could pray for them. I stood up and then burst into tears as it felt like God was literally embracing me and reassuring me that He loved me as I was being prayed for. The preaching that morning was entitled, “FAVOR HAPPENS.”

From that time on, I began praying everyday and waiting patiently for Gods timing. I watched the movie, “Facing the Giants” and God again spoke to my heart during one of the scenes. The man in the movie said that if you’re praying for rain, and you really believe that it is going to come then you should prepare your fields. After that my prayer changed and instead of just praying that I would get the position that I wanted I began to pray that God would prepare my heart for the job.

Just this October, my application for promotion was successful and I am now officially moving to a new account as a Team Leader! I cannot express my amazement at how powerfully God moved in my situation. But the favor did not stop there. My phone line application, which had always been denied, was finally accepted and I got the phone that I wanted just this month. Truly God moves mightily and when He does, it is always amazingly and wonderfully awesome.

Favor truly happens to those who believe!