Last November 27, I lost my job and it was two days before the salary pay out and 13th month bonus pay out. My salary and 13th month bonus was put on hold and I only had P500 remaining in my wallet. I had spent my savings on our last family vacation and I had unpaid bills that were already due. All of this happened 29 days before Christmas! I thought, "How am I going to have the best Christmas thus far if I just lost my job?" Despite what had happened I kept my eyes on Him and believing that He is a God of more than enough, I continued to declare that this would be my best Christmas thus far.

A few months ago I replied to someone's tweet on twitter and we became online friends. I found out later that she worked at Zoe TV as a news anchor. Two days after I lost my job I sent her a message asking her if there were any job openings at Zoe TV. She said that there were none at that time but told me to send in my resume in case something came up. I thought about it but did not send in my resume. Instead I prayed to the Lord and boldly asked for Him to provide me with a job opening as a go signal to send in my resume.

A week later, my friend sent me a message to tell me that there was a job opening at Zoe TV as a Marketing Officer. I was hesitant to apply as the requirements said that the applicant must have knowledge in database management, spreadsheet application, website marketing and most importantly, the applicant should be a university graduate in business marketing or advertising. According to the requirements I was not qualified! I worked at BPO for six years, am a graduate in electronics and communication technology and have zero knowledge in marketing or advertising. I prayed again and asked for the Lord's leading. I was led to talk to my life group leader and wait for confirmation through the Word of God by means of our Pastors. Soon after this, I attended Night of Prayer and I will never forget what Pastora Mylene said. She said, "If God is leading you to do something, but in the natural you can't do it on your own, just step out!" I claimed that word and said, "That's for me Lord!"

So I stepped out and sent my resume in the following Monday. Later on that afternoon I received a text message tasking me to come in for an interview on Wednesday. Come Wednesday, I went to the interview and on that same day, I was posted as the new Marketing Officer at Zoe TV! And guess what, all of this happened on 12/12/12. Twelve is the number of divine order! Was this a coincidence? I believe not! God had already ordained that position for me.

He connects us to the right people and ensures that we are at the right place at the right time. We just need to keep our eyes on Jesus, even when we find ourselves in difficult situations. Indeed all things work together for good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. All glory to our Almighty Daddy God. This is my best Christmas thus far!