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Date Message Title Speaker
25 Mar 2018 Faith & Healing Pastor Rob Rufus
25 Mar 2018 The Two Mirrors Pastor Marcel Gaasenbeek
18 Mar 2018 Fullness of Christ Joey Dumalaog
11 Mar 2018 Unequal Love Pastor Bill Wilson
11 Mar 2018 Divine Governance, Divine Order Precedes Fullness Pastor Alvin Dela Peña
04 Mar 2018 Fullness in Christ Pastor Alvin dela Peña
25 Feb 2018 Why Your Heart Matters Pastor Michelle Dela Peña
18 Feb 2018 Matters of the Heart Pastor Alvin Dela Peña
11 Feb 2018 Combination of Manifestations and Acceleration Pastor Tom Molina
04 Feb 2018 Come to the Table Pastor Michelle Dela Peña
28 Jan 2018 Eat Till You're Full Pastor Alvin Dela Peña
21 Jan 2018 Passion for God's House Pastor Dan Peterson
14 Jan 2018 Out of His Fullness Pastor Michelle Dela Peña
07 Jan 2018 Year of Fullness Pastor Alvin Dela Peña
31 Dec 2017 ThanksGiving Service Pastor Michelle Dela Peña
24 Dec 2017 The Christmas Story Pastor Alvin Dela Peña
17 Dec 2017 Building Your Life With Gold Pastor Jocel Evangelista
10 Dec 2017 Let Us Contend Together - 2 Pastor Michelle Dela Peña
03 Dec 2017 Let Us Contend Together Pastor Michelle Dela Peña
26 Nov 2017 Jesus: The Sure Way Joey Dumalaog